Broken Reach

OMG i love Halo: Reach!

My partner picked up my xbox while ther game was running and totally ruined my disc any tips to restore it?

Insert it into my disc tray and it comes up unreconized disc or DVD :frowning: :frowning:

you can see my love on my reach account Shadowseeker445

well search for local computer stores or video libraries. some of them have sanding offers. (for lighter scratches)

yeah i thought of that but these are pretty deep, There all over the outside ring of my disc, I could try the Xbox broken game replacement scheme but i dont fancy waiting so long because of me having to post it to the USA from the UK :frowning:

Get a used one cheap at Gamestop.

Yeah turns out either not many people up here in Scotlan bought halo and are now sick of it or people are hanging onto them pretty tight, I aint seen a preowned Halo: Reach in any of the gamestores here just the new one for like £25