Broken Menus Fix

Over the past couple days since shotty snipers got added into social, I have seen many people such as youtubers and friends not being able to match because their queue screen is broken. When I say broken, I mean a couple of things: 1) You are not able to select anything or move anything in a multiplayer menu (social, ranked, warzone, etc.) 2) You select a multiplayer playlist (i.e shotty snipes) and the game continuously says, “Starting Game” without actually starting a game. 3) You encounter a “Network Difficulty” which disables you to enter a playlist.

This can be solved by backing out and entering the campaign menu (solo works for sure, not 100% sure about the coop menu though.) After entering the campaign menu, back out. This should fix any sort of lag or “brokenness” you were encountering before.

P.S When you encounter one of the difficulties stated in the first paragraph, you should be able to back out of the screen. This makes it so that you don’t have to dashboard and quit halo 5 just to fix your game.

Edit: Customs Games is an exception, after a game, the game sometimes freezes. Obviously, if it’s frozen, you can’t just back out. So dashboarding seems to be the only solution for broken custom games.

It’s pretty frustrating I can’t load up a match of any playlist.

Ive encountered issues of the same. Honestly idk what has happened but everything from search times going to extreme lengths to games not loading to there was an issue with the server message and everything in between. Prior to the new update I hadn’t ever encountered such things… And when I get a game yikes!! What a mess…