Broken Achievement


I just can’t get Hello Nurse! with my Account!

  1. My account on my Xbox - no chance.
  2. I tried it with a second account on my Xbox - popped first try!
  3. My account on second Xbox - no way.
  4. Third account on second Xbox - no problem, first try!

What’s wrong?

Give me a random account and a random Xbox and I’ll do the Achievement for you. It is really easy to get but not for my Gamertag!
It seems to be broken for my Gamertag. I tried everything (format HDD, delete Cash, delete Cloud, un-/install Game) and nothing helped!
Maybe it would help reset my multiplayer stats?!

This is the last (!) Halo-Achievement I miss. I got all games and all Achievements except this one.

Please help me

Thank you

Yeah, I have the same exact problem. I’ve already devoted a few evenings just to this achievement (I try to get a group of friends to help me out after each update) and just yesterday I helped two other people get it (one of them popped it after two healse), while mine still did not unlock. As far as I know there has been some talk of a patch beeing made to solve Castle DLC glitches.

So some news from a Mod or an Admin on progress made/estimated release date would be awesome. Maybe, if it’s a really hard problem (I’m no programist, so I don’t have a clue), it could be made to pop just after a single heal?


Unfortunately this particular achievement is among those that we are investigating issues with since the Champion’s bundle launch. This is an ongoing process and will take some time to resolve.

Problem solved?

As of today it’s not fixed yet. I feel your pain man. I am also stuck with one remaining achievement in the Halo Universe. 343i created a official thread tracking Halo 4 achievement problems, but other then that they are not saying much.

Follow/post in this thread moving forward, 343i has stated that updates will be posted here.

To say the least its not a problem with Hello Nurse, the problem is much deeper then one achievement, 343i pooped the bed big time.

Make it right 343i.