Bro fix the br u went over board with the nerfs

The long range i get it but messing with the aim assit and magnetins was over due … how come ur primary take more skill while already good guns that needed skill now are more Ez to use and way better … due comando now lasers from across the planet and dont get me start it with the pulse dude -Yoink!- the br the game feels cheap … plus this is not h3 br where one bullets deal the same damage as the full burts in this game if u miss one bullet from the burst the forge shot and the 2 shot melee are gone… this game is one year old having to ajust one year later on a dead game is really stupid if this update came a month after the lunch of this game yeah i would get it but a year after hell nah …

This the br

U guys will lose the few players u had …


There’s something wrong with it? I hadn’t noticed any differences at all honestly…


Honestly, it feels 100% better after the aim assist nerf.


BR still feels fine. It’s just the commando that might be a bit OP now.


I have to agree.

I’d say 50% of my rounds turn ghost and never land.

I just don’t bother with it anymore.


Something feels off.

I don’t understand how anyone feels the Commando is OP. It’s way off being OP.


The only capitol letters in that wall of text were in the words: The, Yoink, and Ez.


Most people still use the BR all that happens is now it’s even more frustrating so people leave the franchise and take there cash with them.

The BR skill gap plays in favour of a lot of skilled players who Smurf their way into low rank lobbies “Playing with their Silver friends” and dominate and those with multiple accounts who let’s face it have no desire to sweat it out for a win at onyx when they can get boosted there.
For lower ranked players Smurfing ruins the game almost as much as 343 do !!!


It’s not even consistent at mid range.


I honestly didn’t notice any change. Still feels like BR to me, but maybe longer TTK.

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Lmao the nerf didnt do anything. Battle rifle is still an aimbot. The nerf should’ve been targeted towards medium to close range and not long range. Long range was never the problem. The problem is that the br is WAY TOO CONSISTENT in close ranges requiring extremely low right stick input or even actually aiming with it.

Nah the fact the u need to hit the entire burst to deal x and y damage to get the 4 shot or two shot melee and if u miss one bullet from the burst make is so inconsistent … they needed to nerf if from long range the gun had every thing to deal with there was no weaknes but now the mid to close is trash why would u even bother using a br where literaly every other gun right now is more easy to use on those ranges and more consistent ??? Pulse is broken and the comando dont get me start it. u wanted to make the game more competitive to have more skill but in the same patch took the skill out of the comando and the pulse and made them noob friendly like bruh come on …

The br is beyond being what is was on halo 3 one bullet of the burst = the whole damage of the burst itself so it made it consistent even with the horrible shot registration where u needed to guide the shots and made it hard to use but it was consistent in this game is terrible u have less aim asist so every time u grab another gun with x and Y aim assit and them switch it trows u off super hard why do we need to re learn the game one year later that makes no scense … literaly the fact the if u miss just one bullet of the burst ur done is absurd …

Desync plus the horrible desing for the br just makes the games bad oh and every time you jump u lose more iam assit LIKE WHAT not even in past halos u had that in !

The br right now has no advantage in any range over the comando … in close to mid right now has no advantage to a pistol or a Ar

The pulse will F u up in a heartbeat

If u want it to nerf the br u do it little by little no just complete it destroy it in just one patch

U eather give back the magnetins u took or the aim assit but as it stands the is not viable
And loses to every other gun on the game that requiere no skill

And like i said on halo 3 had the formula it took skill and it could beat any gun in the game if u knew how to use it …

In this game if u even know how to use it it will lose to every other gun for being to inconsistent … lol

Oh and didn’t even mentioned how nerf are the nade is this game lol

All they need it to do to the nade was add more delay on the trow in animation lol so kids would not just trow a nade mid gun fight and win lol the hailmarys right now are gone (
! They have time to drink s cup of coffey before the granade blow ups what the hell is that !


br is not trash at close range. It is the easiest and most consistent weapon at medium to close range 100%

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Yeaj sure buddy yeah sure on ur 20 pin for sure above 60 ur done …

lmao i play at 120ms ping even if have the setting set to local.

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The Br nerd is quite noticeable. At mid range I don’t really notice a difference, but up close it is much more difficult to use. Just not necessary in my view. The gunplay was the game’s strong suit, why mess with one of the key ingredients of it


This is the kinda crap that caused me to stop playing Halo 4

That’s how I felt, too. Strange how a nerf makes a weapon feel less clunky.


I’m finding that but I’m also finding alot of shots are disappearing across the whole sandbox.
After the update I was shocked at how effective the shock pistol was, and lately, I’ve entire multiple CLIPS into people and not kill them, let alone the shock damage is supposed to.

Hit registration has taken a few steps back after this update, that’s what your experiencing.


I agree with you. The br actually feels like what the br should feel like. Prior to this update the br felt like an insane powerful starting weapon. This small tweak makes the sandbox more efficient and important to utilize the weapons on maps.