Bringing halo 3 an halo 5 stuff to infinite

i think it would be awesome if 343 took something good that halo 5 had with weapon an vehicle variants and put that into infinite it would be great

halo 3 and halo 5 weapon and vehicle variants in addition to existing gear also we need a good PVE game type in infinite

some armor cores would also be cool that are 1 for 1 so the H3 cores looks like it was pulled right out of halo 3 same for the H5 core

also some reach stuff like jet pack an armor lock

(iv always thought in H4 chief should have woken up in his H3 armor with his H3 weapons and as you play you would find the new weapons and get the new armor when you link up with the infinity, then in H5 his armor would be damaged at the end so he would need a new set setting up for infinite)

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The problem is 343 is over calculating everything. I don’t see how adding certain things to the game with a company over controlling to have things play out how they want things to be, a benefit to the player base.

Take BTB for an example.

RNG challenges, limited vehicles useage, controlling what drops on a timer, etc… Is this company for real?

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343 have tried so hard to make btb casual that it might as well be btb fiesta. its just pure chaos. Not exactly a game selling mode, just something fun with friends. kinda sucks as a solo player unless your someone like mint blitz farming kids with god aim.

They wouldn’t need to if they wouldn’t try to “fix” things that were never broken.

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That right there is what ruined halo 5… “something has to change” instead of putting dev time into improvements and new stuff they just rework what they have already done.

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