Bringing coffee to a gun fight

will halo 4 have assassinations. if they do i want them to be customizable like the amour in halo reach. what i mean is something simple like while you are assassinating the enemy pull the right trigger to throw them on the ground and shoot them in the head. Or pull the left trigger to put a grenade on them and push them a way from you. And i was wondering will fire fight be in halo 4 and even though there may be no flood or covenant i want them to be a opition to fight. And the flood to fight because i like zombie modes in games and i thought having a competing flood/zombie thing would be cool but i wouldnt want the flood to have guns that would ruin it. just saying.

what opitions would you like to see in fire fight?

As cool as the grenade assassination would be… I can see people pushing their target into a wall, and killing themselves in the process.

Since right now the assassination animation is random.

It would still be awsome… I would enjoy seeing that