Bringing back some Ol'but goodies

The CSR ranking system better be a visible number. Otherwise it is a non-solution. I feel like I hear this from so many people that 343 must hear it. In H3 people loved the ranking system so much that 50s were being bought and sold. Why remove this beloved feature? Without it no one plays with mics anymore and the games can be so boring because of it.

Smaller maps. Older Halos had a lot of small maps. Beginning with Reach, when Halo began to decline sharply in popularity, this changed. It is only getting worse. The Crimson Map Pack, which I purchased, is all big maps. Can I get some permanent 2v2 action please? A staff member on here told me they are making Doubles a rotational playlist! Why? Its been a staple since H2. Why make this cherished hopper some kind of disappearing act? Also, make the maps symmetrical please.

Capture The Flag. Probably the most loved objective gametype. Can we drop the flag after the patch? Can 343 make the flag not auto-pickup? Remove the NAV point above the carriers head? It has noobified this classic gametype so much. People know they have to defend the flag. This only changes it for the most stupid players, who probably would play the game either way.

Overall, I really like this game. But without these changes it has such short replay value imo. The same maps in every hopper, and I have seen one of the Crimson maps in non-Big Team hoppers only once. Reach saw a big decline when radical changes were made. Rather than return to its roots, 343 seems to have doubled down on the divisive additions.

And on a side note, remember all the awesome stat tracking of H2. Why does that 8 years old game have the most stat tracking of any? Why not return those sweet leaderboards Halo had? All that stuff, the cool matchmaking, ranks, clans; Halo was so ahead of its time then.

Great post and valid points! Would love to see lockout and Zanzibar brought back, two of the best maps IMO!