Bring voting screen from MCC 2014 back

Bring back the voting system from MCC 2014, or better yet, add veto to the game’s matchmaking system, please!


Veto > Vote

But I agree.


Nope not going to happen. It got taken out for a very good reason, because everyone chose Halo 3 and that certain maps get favored over others for the collection in general (I was there in 2018 just before it got removed, it was really bad frankly). People abused the system too much, thereby leaving other maps and games in the collection more neglected when those are good maps as well to play on.

That is why there is the Custom Game Browser to pick what you want to play. Matchmaking should be treated as more of an even neutral playing field in my opinion now to earn XP. I would support a voting/vetoing feature for the CGB by not matchmaking anymore because you can abuse it as much as you want and it does not affect your online profile compared to matchmaking, which should be taken a little more seriously than CGB.


Honestly, since the Match Composer is now a thing, it would make it less likely for people to just force Halo 3, since you can choose which games you play out of the gate. If anything, you could bring back the Vote screen, but have all options be the same game, but different gametypes.


What title aint in the custom game browser?

Again, PLEASE for the love of the Oracle, PLEASE understand the difference between VETO and VOTING!

It is VERY, VERY, important that everyone knows the difference for if/when 343 actually listens so that we don’t end up with another (slightly less) shisno system.

VETO is FAIR for everyone, you ONLY do it when you absolutely do NOT want to play on a map/mode, and you get exactly ONE chance and you have NO IDEA what the next map/mode will be, which means the RISK of you getting a worse map/mode is VERY high (unless the map/mode shown is your absolute least favorite).

VOTING is UNFAIR and guarantees that some maps will be played more than others. The only difference between VOTING and the awful system we have now is that with VOTING, it’s the players that vote, not 343 and an arbitrary weight system.

TL;DR: VETO >>>>>>>>>>>> Voting


Jesus christ, no. Voting in MCC was utterly atrocious. I hardly ever got to play anything I wanted, unless I played with a full party and we all voted at the last second. And then everyone on the enemy team would just quit. Veto is a little better, but I’m still not a fan of it, because everyone vetos the things I actually want to play. The match composer is the most balanced way for players to get games they want to play. It’s not perfect, but it’s way better than voting.


neither voting nor veto should return in my opinion. i hated veto in halo 3 and hated vote in reach , bouth lead more or less to the same issiues. regular quiters should be punished harshly as they need to learn that they are not productive at all for the health of the community . one game i play a map i enjoy the next is a map somone else enjoys i hate dinoblasters in action sack but hey next round something comes that i like. they did surveys in the community and with the help of that more popular options are weighted more heavily. the match composer already allows players to get very precise what they want. for the sake of varried content were evryone will be pleased to some degree its gone. there are maps that would never see the light of day because of either system unless very rarely the matchmaker matches more then half of the loby of people with exact the same niche favorite maps or modes (wich basicly in praxis never happend ). before the new composer i never got to play following maps for example and if they did get voted you could be sure half the server was gone instantly : Chiron TL 34 , Danger Canyon , Longest , Backwash , Burail mounds etc and therer are quite a lot of other examples , since the punishments and settings changed there are a lot less AFKers and quitters , usually i get games going on these maps as probably the majoirity of people have favorites but dont care much since its not a ranked playlist or something.

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Why take a huge step backwards in gaming and bring back those toilet voting/veto… Some can’t wait to repeat the same few popular maps over and over or quit out as soon as they see it’s not a game they want… What truly needs to happen is expand the composer to allow players to turn on/off the maps and games they don’t want. That way players are always guaranteed the games on the maps they like. Granted the more specific players are the longer the matching time may be BUT I bet most would be happy to wait a bit more for games they want. It realistically should be a feature in multiplayer games by now.


Once again, both vetoing and voting leads to maps never getting played on because a large majority of players do have a set of maps that are their favorites to play on now. I can absolutely guarantee if we allowed any kind of freedom for the user to vote or vetoing what maps they want to play on, it leads to more people quitting (which is already a big issue and is why we need join in progress brought into the MCC for all Halo games). Quitting was a big issue in the early Halo games before the Master Chief Collection removed this. Even though Vetoing/Voting could be brought back into Matchmaking to pick the maps you want, it leads to once again favoritism (even if after vetoing, you still do not get the maps you want) and matchmaking would become impossible if you could turn maps on or off of which ones you want to play on and people won’t find each other very easily, leading to very long queues when certain parts of the world are complaining about the wait times already.

I know this is a legacy feature, but we saw how completely obnoxious the community gets with features like this. Sometimes in life, certain legacy features are not worth bringing back in any form because of the reasons I stated above. That is why Halo 5 has no voting/vetoing and Infinite is the same, because its a neutral playing field for the system to surprise you with any map to play on, even though it’s a bit of a problem getting the same map over and over again, where the weighting needs to be adjusted more to allow more variety, which is why we need a bigger map pool in general to play on.

Which lead all of this to the Custom Game Browser. You can choose what maps you want to play on for that specific Halo game (or even across Halo games). I actually would be fine with a vetoing/voting systems in the Custom Game Browser because for fun, people could choose the maps as a party to play on if 343 could implement it into that mode only but not matchmaking since CGB does not affect you online stats really, which matchmaking needs to be kept completely neutral now.


When voting was a thing people quit if halo 3 wasn’t chosen. If you wanted to play anything but h3 you had to run a full squad to tilt the vote.

I remember those days, we were lucky to even get a lobby full of people back then. With that said, the match composer makes this a non-issue. I would welcome a veto mode.

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If everyone in the lobby has also selected those gametypes in rotation. It seems like a very miopic solution to a problem that the CGB addresses.

My two sense, no voting or veto. Please pick your game, and mode. Let the match composer do the rest.

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Voting/vetoing where bad even before 343. That being said, just delete swatnums already, please.

Veto is perfectly fine, it’s better than being stuck in the same map/gametype/variant combo for 3 rounds in a row.