Bring the Reach playlists back 343

I was let down hard when I first saw that 343 took out many of halo reach’ matchmaking playlists. Playlists such as Action Sack, Anniversary FFA, and Anniversary BTB. I, along with MANY others, really enjoyed these playlists, and gave us all a reason to continue playing the magnificent game that is Halo Reach. These playlists brought variation which I love to see in this game. So what I’m trying to say is that these playlists need to be added back to the game.

Make us happy, 343.

You know what’s sad: If they supported Halo: Reach, the MP population may be even higher than Halo 4. I want them to bring back DLC Slayer. Who cares if only a hundred people play it. At least I would get to play the maps I paid for. I didn’t buy any Halo 4 maps.

Take a lesson from Halo 4 and implement BTB slayer in both Reach and Halo 3. That would be the smart thing to do.

I, too, would enjoy more Reach playlists, since I play both Reach and Halo 4.

Why did you post the same thread twice?

I wonder A) this and B) why I can’t go on BTB with more than one guest (or Team Slayer), that would be awesome and I reckon it was possible in H3.

RIP Dino Blasters. :frowning: