Bring the old Halo Back 2.0

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say how disappointed I am with Halo 5. After dealing with all the crap they call a multiplayer, its finally clear.

343 made Halo 5 with the notion in their heads that they wanted to modernize the series. You know what it feels like though? It feels like Call of Duty (particularly the Advanced Warfare). After playing this game since launch, I’m finally coming to the forums to say this: Halo 5 sucks -Yoink!-.

I’m an older Halo player (not as old as the OG Halo CE players), and honestly what 343 handed me was a mess. Halo 5 barely resembles a Halo game besides having the same weapons, vehicles, and lore. Other than that, I feel as if I’m playing Call of Halo. I get it 343. You wanted to make a game that would appeal to new players and old alike, but making Halo into an entirely new game besides the jumping mechanic wasn’t a good move. I shouldn’t feel like I’m playing another game. Halo 4 at least felt closer to home, but Halo 5 took it too far.

Nothing great to say about it. It was better when people didn’t spam REQs. The original Halo didn’t make an entire game mode dedicated to using drops from a loot box. Terrible solo gameplay. More than half of your teammates are terrible at the game, and don’t know how Warzone works. That’s right. While your teammates are feeding the enemy team, they aren’t pulling REQs either (which is the entire point of Warzone). Good idea, poor execution.

I’ve gone to arena instead of Warzone, because believe it or not, Warzone can get REALLY repetitive. However, the lack of game mode options in Arena is a huge turnoff. Don’t even get me started on the maps. I’ve had more people spawn directly behind me or beside me more than I have killed (obvious exaggeration).
Okay so first, there’s Super Fiesta. The lesser of all evils. While it can be fun, it can also be torturous. Only if we could replace the despawn timer for weapons in Super Fiesta with the despawn time of Warzone so I don’t have to run into an entire team that picked up rocket launchers from matches past (again, exaggeration). And please for the love of God, nerf the incineration cannons projectile speed a teensy bit. It’s absurd that rockets don’t travel nearly as fast and aren’t nearly as good (in my opinion) than the incineration cannon.
Now for the fun ones.
Big. Team. Battle. I personally think the maps could be more expansive and less built up. Let me explain. Make it more open for vehicle use (otherwise I’d just go play Slayer), and please make the bases more like bases. Don’t just make a bunch of tunnels and other options to get through the layers of the map. I guess my thoughts are along the line of Standoff from Halo 3 , but it made good use of vehicles as opposed to the cramped feeling maps of Halo 5.
Grifball. I don’t know what you did with my beloved grifball, but whatever you did was not cool. Perhaps it was the inclusion of spartan charging, thrusting, and ground pounding. Basically, all of the stuff they added into Halo 5. Not to mention spartan charging combined with both melee weapons used in Grifball. Also, the toxicity. I wouldn’t touch Grifball with a 10 foot barge pole anymore. Not unless its the old Grifball.

Ok, I’m getting tired of typing, but those are my major complaints about Halo 5. I won’t address the utter disappointment that is the campaign though haha. I would also like to state that I do love Halo. I played Halo 2 when I was 6 years old and fell in love with the individuality and uniqueness of the game. I love the lore, and I love the universe.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far. Sorry for the lack of fact in this opinion based post.


P.S I made the original post accidentally when it was WAAAAAY too far from being finished, so here’s the final product.

There’s probably some 6 year old that thinks that H5 is the best thing since candy. That being said, yea I’ll agree with your points but I’ve gotten past them to really rant. What I’d prefer is some truly OG halo,

  • grey scale maps so my colorblindness doesn’t hurt my gameplay.
  • simplified sandbox since h5 is just weapon after weapon and vehicle after vehicle covering all ranges of odd purposes, which is a nice fan service but hurts the over arcing sandbox.
  • supidly large maps, I want to complain about walking the damn map so next time I’d grab a warthog.
  • no art affecting gameplay, ffs I’ve died 20 times this past month or two because my spartan clips into trash cans on plaza. And why are the palm trees more indestructible than space ships, phantoms, and tanks? Why isn’t the UNSC making their Frigates out of these palm trees?

I think halo 5 is great. Especially considering they gave us MCC. If you’re diehard insistent that you don’t like the new gameplay, play the old games. Even though I don’t play it nearly as much as arena, war zone is -Yoinking!- great too. It adds a whole new element to multiplayer and isn’t remotely pay to win which was a concern at first. There is no need to buy req pacs whatsoever unless you just have expendable income for nonsense like that. The war zone maps are just fine and so are the arena. As with every other past game there’s a handful of really good ones and some that I hate. I will say 3 most definitely had the best maps overall.

I think the real problem is memberberries have taken over and everyone just needs to move on. If you really hate it don’t play it. But I get down a couple hours most nights with a bunch of people and we all have a blast.

and another thing…

I don’t know where you came up with the “it’s just like COD” thing but I simply don’t get that at all. Halo 5 gameplay is not even close to COD.

And you really can’t hate it that much if you’ve played almost 10 full days worth of multiplayer. I think you might just be one of the many people out there who thinks complaining is insight.

Feel free to use the breakout feedback thread over in matchmaking.