Bring The Fun Back!

Where is all the gamemodes that we use to love? Griffball? Infection?


Can someone tell me if there are currently any debates on bringing them towards Halo 5? I understand the need for eSports but we need the good ol’ game modes for some side fun too. <_<


Flood, heavies, action sack, team doubles
That just me though

I just want social slayer

I want Grifball, but I have a feeling it won’t happen as I haven’t seen a grav hammer… but here’s to hoping!

Beyond that, Team Snipers, BR/DMR starts for Slayer would be nice.

Infection was the main reason I kept playing Halo 4… I’m hoping they bring it to Halo 5 before I get bored and take it to Game stop lol

Infection was so much fun… and scary if you were the last man standing, only to turn around and see a horde of flood coming at ya