Bring the AI back to life

I liked this in the Original Trilogy where a marine and an elite would sometimes throw insults at each other or a couple of grunts will chat with each other when out of combat, same with Marines. Even the scripted dialogue was good. In Halo 4 there are only two times where marines speak to you or about the threat at hand and thats when MC moves to save the pinned squad squad and when you walk past the squad of Military Police next to the Composer. Both of these can be easily missed because players are either facing large threats or listening to Dr. Tilson

I understand why the Covenant don’t have it because i can’t understand them and i’m sure the people who wrote their down the Space Japanese for the elites can either, or the people who made it is grunts spoke like they were imitating bee sounds into empty cans. Really even the drones had a more realistic language that what the grunts speak.

Back on track-Having the marines speak more is something that was really unique in Halo. In most other games they would say one thing and that would just be an Easter Egg.

Everyone in Halo 4 seemed like empty drones that were feed into the slaughter. In other Halo’s i would of tired to lead the away for a painful death in Halo 4 there were just faces in armor and the Spartan AI were just armor.

Season 2 of Spartans introduced a nice Side Kick to Crimson which was Lancer and a pilot which was TJ Murphy. The Spartans in Lancer and TJ only had scripted speech but it was better there than in Campaign.

So i’ll leave it to a vote.