Bring Sandbox to Reach

I believe Sandbox the amazing Halo 3 map that was perfect for forging, custom games, had three different areas you had access to for a a bit more variety of maps, and had a very nice block textures.
If you think Sandbox should be brought into Reach please comment!

No, I’d want a better Forging area. The only good part of Sandbox was the air space because it wasn’t like any other space to Forge on.

I agree that Sandbox was amazing. Even if they don’t bring that exact map back, I want a forge map with that look and the pieces.

Sandbox was horribly boring, not to mention that there was literally no natural scenery that Forgers could fiddle around with. Unlike Forge World, which has a variety of colors like gray, blue, green, and rock-white, all Sandbox has are varied shades of orange. There’s nothing at all to break that monotony. No rivers, no oceans, no grass, no cliffs. Just bland, boring, stale, dusty orange.

Really, the only thing it has over Forge World as a map is the Crypt. Even that’s only half an advantage because you can still build in the Coliseum of Forge World, which closely resembles the Crypt.