Bring out yer dead-er, file share goodies:)

Mom sez: Better late than never, my kiddies

I finally got around to checking through the gems I curated to my 360’s hardrive back in the heyday of Halo 3, i.e. maps and game types that worked well either together or on their own in custom games. Fun and memories…it doesn’t have to be all dust and echoes for Halo 3…

I have uploaded to all 24 generous slots fantastic maps and games from the best of the forging legends. Of course, I included maps and game types that I created, no false modesty from me :slight_smile: But I can guarantee countless hours of fun were had playing on all chosen to be uploaded.

So get cracking and check out my file share, under my gamertag AnonomissX - you’ll be glad you did :slight_smile:

PS Mom sez: upload and share your own map and game type treasures, fill your 24 slots to the brim, and come back to post your gamertag in this thread!