Bring it in !

What’s up guys! I’m new to waypoint and really want to be involved. Gonna be really active when Halo 5 comes out. Follow me @WC_Bwin on twitter and i’ll shoot you a follow back so we can discuss all things halo until then and whatnot !

Hey OP, if you’re looking to make an introduction and such, you should head on over to the Roll Call section.
There are threads there for helping out new forum members, and you can make a thread introducing yourself to the community.

Posting in the Recruiting section (the one you’re in) is namely for finding others to play with, not for creating discussions about Halo.

Edit: Disregard my bit about making an introduction post (I almost immediately found that you made one already). You should probably still familiarize yourself with what should be posted in which section however.
I believe most discussion takes place in the General Discussion section.

I fare thee well!