Bring in some more Armor.

So, I’ve been playing War Games and ranking up of cource, and I’ve seen all of the Armor sets that they have on this site. Now, all that I have to say is that all of the remakes (EOD, Mark VI, EVA, ect.) look amazing, while amost all of the other armor looks pretty, pardon my being blunt, terrible.
Now, I’m not saying that they should get rid of it, but most of it looks pretty bad. But what got me the most upset, is the fact that 343 took away my favorite helmet of all time!
I’m talking about the Mark V helmet, I wore it in Halo 3 and Reach, but now they took it away.
What the -blam!- were they thinking?
Now a lot of you are probably saying “It’s because they wanted to put a story behind Multiplayer and the Spattan IVs, and Mk. V would fit.” Well, all I have to say about that is “balderdash!” (Witch I do not say often.) I thought of a reason why it could have been in the SPARTAN IV Program in five minutes. (Due to the amout of Spartans on Infinity, the UNSC decided to use the cheaper build of the Mark V armor for many recruits.) So if I could do that in five minutes, what has the writing team at 343 been doing?

Forgive me, I’ve driven a bit off topic here. But, I think that they should put more armor variants in DLC, such as map poacks or a seperate DLC. Giving us back ODST, Hayabusa, and Mk. V, along with some new amazing sets.

What do you think?


They can’t do it without making everyone download like a 2 gig update (see bf3) and halo 4 already has a huge install so its probably not worth it

Seems incredibly unlikely. And the Hayabusa has returned as the Wetwork helmet. Doesn’t have the same impact to be sure, but seems to fit in more with the armor collections.

Mark V? You mean the mjolnir helmet that the chief wears? It is unlockable in multiplayer, look harder.

Im actually wondering about these rumors that the DLC armors ppl got when the game came out will be released to everyone on a DLC, but i heard the 343i gave a wink, wink crap. Is this true or only a rumor.

I think with Hayabusa, 343i needs to ask for permission again to use it. if im not correct.

Agreed, but at the rate they communicate with us, I doubt it will ever happen.

The Recruit helmet is the ODST helmet.But I’d like the rest of the set too.

> Agreed, but at the rate they communicate with us, I doubt it will ever happen.

343i is probably embarrassed to respond. Wouldn’t be surprised, but i hope they release it.

I think they should bring both variants of the mark V and the commando helmet back from reach.

The EVA doesnt look like how it did in halo 3 or halo reach, and i dont really like the changes they made to it.

@The Artstyle,
I think you’re talking about the Mark VI helmet, from Halo 2 and 3, that you get for beating the Campaign on Legendary.
I’m talking about Mark V, the one that the Chief wore in Combat Evolved.


I honestly don’t like any of the helmets in the game except for Recruit. I hate using defaults, but holy crap are the rest of the helmets ugly. Give me my ODST, you -Yoinks!-.

I miss my CQB. That’s all I’m gonna say.

Unfortunately, I agree. I miss the old Mark V. I was unable to get it in Reach, due to not enough credits. And I dislike the fact how the Fotus armor was suppost to be the “new” Hayabusa. It’s unfair for those who can’t afford a new system every time a new game comes around for in-game items, we cannot receive them. I like the way the Fotus looks, but I’m not going to whip $400 out of my paycheck for a new system just for some in game armor.

I loved how the old EVA looked like Robotech cyclone armor.I miss the JFO too even if the defender looks a little like it.The more armor in the game the better.

Bring back Rogue. As in from Halo 3. No more goldfish bowl helmets!

Im pretty sure Halo 4 got its armor inspiration from LEGO Bionicles

Air assault is an improvement to the ODST armor . Hayabusa is only a Halo 3 exclusive because a game, Dead or Alive, copied Halo. Mark V would be cool to be back in Halo 4. Maybe in the future DLCs or Updates.

No it isn’t only mark VI is unlockable

There already is a rogue helmet, it is one of the specializations