Bring Halo Wars 2 to Steam

Why has this not happened yet? Steam should be the logical choice for a PC release. It is not like the game would have to be ported over from Xbox, it is already on PC, just in the wrong store. As long as the game will only be in the MS store it’s a pass from me which pains me. I want to play HW2 but I would want to do that on the same platform I have my entire game collection on and where all my friends are playing. I am sure I’m not saying anything new here, I also do not want to just complain. Instead, I want to keep the idea alive that Halo Wars 2 on Steam would be a huge benefit for new and existing players.

  • With cross-play enabled, the player base would be substantially larger than it is now, which I can guarantee without knowing HW2 current MS store numbers. It is a logical conclusion, countless posts have been written about players not buying unless steam release. - The extra revenue is another obvious point. While Steam does take a good percentage of every sale, 70-75% is still much better than 0% without Steam release. - The Halo Infinite hype train has left the station, and the renewed interest by the mainstream can only help to boost sales for any new Halo product. The time is now. - Just give me the damn game on Steam, pretty please. :smiley: This video is quite well made and inspired me to do this post so credit to TeamRespawn. #SaveHW2
    Petition · Bring Halo Wars 2 to Steam, Expand Feature Set & Provide Support ·

Ah, the holy grail of Halo Wars… Yep, I’d love to see this. I never understood why one and not the other arrived on Steam. Missed opportunity.

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