bring grifball back.


you mean the oldschool one?

I too would like Grifball back.

However I’m kind of apprehensive on a couple of counts.

First - the gravity hammer really doesn’t seem to have the same area of effect that if did in Halo 3/Reach, and as we know a huge part of Grifball tactics revolve around hammer jumping, launching team mates, and using the area of effect to “zone” enemies. Without an area of effect, Halo 4 Grifball will be a very anaemic and watered-down game.

Secondly, ball throwing. Can this be disabled? I’m not saying that this will break the game, but it’d make it a very different game to what we’re used to.

I can ALMOST guarantee it’ll be next week’s playlist its the most wanted and one of the last playlists.

I will gladly sacrifice my K/D ratio to play some grifball!

I agree! The gravity hammer has definitely been brought down a peg. Maybe have everyone’s sheilds down in the playlist so it brings the same feel to it. I think team damage needs to be removed as well! I always used to get team killers on my team ever since double xp weekends in halo 3. I think the passing should stay, it really has potential to be of tactical use on the grifball stage. All in all this was my favorite playlist to play ever since those double xp days in halo 3. It has really created a name for the halo franchise and I think halo 4 is just missing out on not including it in the game. I realize that the commendations system would be easy to get beat downs, and max out the gravity hammer commendation, but fact of the matter is you can’t not have grifball in a halo game! I’ve been reading through every weekly message hoping for a grifball update, but i’m disappointed every week. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!

343i has announced (I think) that Grifball is going to be a playlist in late January (yay!).

It’s coming early next year. I’ve already Tweeted BS Angel and Grifballhub repied as well.