Bring firefight back!

Loved firefight!! It would be awesome to see it in guardians.

Firefight maps are essentially sections of Campaign that can be loaded and played at will. The alteration of variables, like enemy types and characteristics, allow for replayability. Since enemy AI needs to know how to move through these sections of Campaign anyway, it would be a waste to not add replay value through a Firefight mode.

Agreed. Firefight was a lot of fun, and there’s absolutely no reason to not include it in Halo 5.

Unless 343 plan on seriously mixing it up, I honestly don’t see the point.

Yes, This, or do for S.Ops what Reach did for FF (customize enemy types, skulls, be able to spawn with any weapon including power weapons, special traits, etc.).

That said, I do think out of all the modes in he last few halos, FF is the single mode I enjoyed most. Being able to spawn with an infinite ammo weapon with moderately buffed damage (but only normal or less health) and just rip through enemies while feeling like a badass and such. I really should load up Reach (or at least CEA) again just to do that…

Can they make it more like Halo 3: ODST’s? That was more challenging.

I’d love to see bigger maps, more players, and more mobs.

Double everything.

Firefight was like a beacon for me. Before Halo: Reach, I didn’t have internet in my home (thanks country living!) so I played campaign all the time with the occasional local multiplayer game when my friends were over.

Then with ODST, we got Firefight and everything changed! Suddenly, I had something new to go to instead of playing the same campaign missions over and over again. New challenges and achievements (I still have hour long videos saved to my Xbox of getting par on Alpha Site in Legendary, both with my friends and solo). Reach’s release of Firefight, though it lacked the same intensity of ODST’s, extended the lifespan of that game too. Both modes are still fun to this day.

Firefight is one of my favorite game modes in any Halo game. I hope so desperately that it will come back!

I agree with Kaiju Claws as my story was very similar to that.

It kept the community going more than SpOps and was in my opinion, the better gametype.

Yeah, I’d support it. I liked the narrative in the Spop cutscenes, but Firefight just offered a better more replayble PVE experience to Halo. In either case, scoring needs to come back.

It’d be lovely to have it back, with the customization of Reach but the defaults and style of ODST.

Some people used Reach’s customization to great effect, and some have managed to create challenging settings that (IMO) are even better than what the devs have done with the stock AI. I remember Tom T created some amazing settings that made enemies a Legendary-level challenge by making them hyper-aggressive without turning them into damage sponges.

At the same time, ODST did a lot of little things that Reach can’t emulate. For example, its ammo lockers were limited in supply, only restocked certain weapons, and only respawned after certain time intervals. Some of its maps (e.g. Alpha Site) also felt more up-close and personal, and that combined with ODSTs’ lowered stats made combat quite a bit more frantic. Being able to access (and ideally configure) ODST’s little touches would be great for challenging gameplay.

I sincerely hope Firefight returns. It was a great gamemode. However, if it does, it needs some serious improvements. Halo 3: ODST had the feeling right: desperate, on the brink of death action. Players had to conserve ammo and scrounge for weapons to stay alive. They had to work together to sustain their lives pool. It was damn near perfect.

Reach introduced customization, and while that was fun, the spirit of Firefight seemed lost (in my opinion of course). Sets were even more repetitive because new skulls didn’t activate at the beginning of each set. Ammo and power-weapons were plentiful and seems almost infinite at times (they weren’t, but it took a long–Yoink- time to run out, assuming you don’t turn on infinite ammo or bottomless clip).

If 343 can bring the feeling of ODST together with Reach’s potential for customization, Firefight could be a great gamemode again. Maybe take some ideas from Infinity Slayer where doing well and surviving earn new power weapons and/or abilities (in addition to lives). Takes some ques from other survival modes like Horde 2.0, and allow players to fortify as the games goes on.

Firefight made a big splash when ODST released, in part because it was unique among survival modes. Let’s see if we can recapture that feeling!

No Question!

I do. Add a few nuts n’ bolts and upgrades in the gameplay and that shall do.

Firefight was one of Bungie’s best ideas that came from ODST… The game was good, but Firefight is what fans really got from the game. Reach’s addition to creating custom firefight missions took it over the top, letting you build some fun, challenging, or even hilarious game types.

I would love to see firefight return, it was really fun in ODST. All the custom setting in reach made it really easy to get all the achievements and challenges, hopefully, if FF does return, 343 tweak these settings slightly to make it more challenging

If it does return I’d like to see some cool traps or something that you could place and some friendly AI like in Halo:CEA

> If it does return I’d like to see some cool traps or something that you could place and some friendly AI like in Halo:CEA

You mean kind of like Gears of War 3’s Horde Mode? 'Cause that was pretty awesome. Ended up playing that more than actual multiplayer.

100 times yes! Firefight was my most played mode in Reach and I was severely disappointed when I heard 343i omitted it for Spartan Ops in Halo 4.

I just want more customization for it. Possible Forgable Firefight. Plus the option to fight the Covenant, Prometheans, and Flood.

I hope to see both Spartan Ops and Firefight. I enjoyed both. I hope they are able to make SpOps better if they choose to keep it.

> Loved firefight!! It would be awesome to see it in guardians.

Dear Santa, NO! PLEASE NO!

Hehe, with firefight comes firefight achievements. I can’t deal with that.