Bring Extermination back!

Hey 343i would you please bring back the extermination game mode you had up for a while a few months ago. It was one of the most popular & real super competitive modes & now it’s just gone. I’m worried it will never come back :frowning: . The community maps were great! It was a very nice change for those of us that like the breakout/elimation game types. Please don’t leave it off forever. Thanks!!

I’m sure it will come back eventually as most rotational playlists do. I doubt they would ask forgers to do that much work for a one time thing.

It was a pretty interesting game mode!

I’ve been off halo for a few months now. What was extermination?

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> I’ve been off halo for a few months now. What was extermination?

Variant of Breakout. 4v4. Multi-round. Win rounds by eliminating the enemy team before they can respawn. You can read the full details here.

I was on vacation most of the time it was available, and was working the remainder of the time and never got to play it. I’d like to see it make a return!

Yes it was the best mode ever! Extermination rules! Please please bring it back & leave it in the game forever before you move onto halo 6! Please :slight_smile:

They’ve said it will return:

> From Multi-Team to Warzone Turbo to Double XP and the return of fan favorites like Ranked Snipers, Extermination and Mythic Shotty Snipers, the Halo 5 sustain team will be cooking up all manner of things to keep you having fun online in the months ahead.

I want extermination to be a permanent playlist. That’s how fun it was. The maps were awesome too. But of corse that will never happen.

I looooved extermination. For H6 I’d like it if it replaced breakout.

They should put it back in after some bug testing. I’m 99% sure that all of the maps can be broken out of