Bring classic gametypes to Halo 5

I don’t mean things like Infection or something being tuned out to fit the Halo 5 system, I mean CLASSIC, where there is no sprint, no thruster, no nothing, just straight up classic gametypes (for Matchmaking) to feel like classic Halo. Yes, I know it wont work with Halo 5 maps because they’re bigger, but forge maps will. Obviously you guys already use forge maps in Matchmaking so why not make a classic Halo playlist with classic Halo made maps by the community. And I mean gametypes like SWAT, Slayer, Odd Ball, etc, etc. With Halo 5s gametype settings, this is possible and it wont even take 343 very long to do this. Yes, I know people can just make a custom game and get friends to do this, easy, right? Not really because many people don’t really have time or the people to gather to make this possible for game after game. In matchmaking you could always be with different people all the time. Yes, I know these gametypes are available already, but to respect the veteran Halo players and build 343’s rep with long time Halo fans, this would probably be a good idea on their side. But if you don’t like that, this post is probably not really for you… I think this would be a very good thing for 343 to bring to Halo 5.
(Just to make things clear, I’m not a nostalgia critic or anything like that, I love how Halo 5 is today, and since 343 is bringing back classics, this would be perfect.

I don’t see ANY reason why this SHOULDN’T me implemented. 343 has a bad reputation with Veteran Halo players and this would most likely help fix their reputation a bit.

Let me know what other classic gametype they should bring to this “Halo classic” playlist in the Halo 5 lobby.

I’d like to see crazy king, juggernaught, and oddball back.

Possibly some of the old ffa rumble pit game types in an unranked ffa playlist.