Bring back XP Boosts one last time before Infinite

There’s still a good amount of spartans out in the battlefield grinding for 152 who are guaranteed to have stacked an azzload of REQ points. May we please get a final rotation of Legendary XP Boosts back in the store before the official release of Infinite? We would heavily appreciate it.

:+1::crossed_fingers: I completely agree. I. Lvl 151 and doing nothing but grinding to 152 ND those xp boosts would be extremely helpful to buy with req points. 100k a pack would be fair in my opinion.

You can however purchase them via Microsoft. Can’t include a link now due to the new system so search: MICROSOFT HALO 5 XP BOOST REQ PACK

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Infinite is out, basically.
Why not just give us the boost packs in the Req store permanently?

Let us use our RP on them anytime.

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