Bring back Warzone

If it’s not your thing, cool, but there are so many of us that loved it.



To bring back warzone would require the reworking of the mode since it relied on REQs and REQ packs. The equivalent you’ll have to play at launch is BTB and I don’t think you should count on the mode returning at launch, or near launch.

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I wouldn’t mind it if the weapons could be brought with points earned by playing and doing objective work/getting kills in a game by game basis. You could save them up for something big or buy smaller weapons and vehicles throughout.

After X amount of time reward players with points and unlock progressively more powerful options to choose from as the game goes on.

I would like to move away from players having stacked weapons/vehicles Vs players who have nothing. So I’d like to move away from Warzone prizes being sent outside of individual games.


Warzone is probably returning eventually, along with regular firefight. There were some announcer voice lines in the first flight that mentioned both.


Out of everything Halo 5 offered? Warzone is the one thing I’ll miss the most. I hope we see it come back in some form. I’ve always been a fan of PVEVP games and game modes.


I’d like to see warzone return, but I’d also like to see it get a big overhaul. Wasn’t a fan of the req system personally.


If it can be reworked to fit the style of Halo: Infinite, I wouldn’t mind Warzone Firefight returning at the very least. Having to take out AI and defend objectives on a huge map was quite fun.


I did like Warzone. But it would be the poisoned chalice since it’s tied to the REQ system.

If this new Forge is as good as people seem to be saying perhaps you could mod the option to have a weapon spawner that unlocks like a Killstreak.

Plus, you could with forge and they may, add game modes that line up with the Warzone and Warzone Assault game types down the line.

Having played BTB in the Flight I think it more than covers the spirit of Warzone and having this big scale battle madness. So I don’t feel like we would be losing out.

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Oh Firefight will definitely come back. Although they should go back to it being about surviving waves of attackers with limited lives rather than a timer to kill the AI/Bosses.


Maybe some common ground could be found, and have both the classic and the Warzone version return. That way the Community gets the best of both worlds.


I definitely had alot of fun in war zone and firefight and invasion. But as long as they have a scaling “horde” like mode of increasing difficulty I’m happy. Doesn’t have to come day 1 but eventually that be cool


I am not sure. I think with Firefight, it was added because people asked for them to add it in and I think they made that work by using some of the AI spawn mechanics they had for Warzone. Which is why it became a case of farming the bots on a timer. It wasn’t like ODST where it was built as it’s own mode.

So if they added a mode from the ground up I suspect they’d do it very differently. Maybe even have maps purpose built for it.


I like the idea of Warzone but didn’t feel balanced due to the gambling loot box’s having p2w elements. I think what Warzone 2.0 should be is kind of like how BTB is in the flight where creatures would randomly pop up in a normal PVP match since be interesting to fight in a balanced PVP then have a random phantom with some Covenant or Flood/Banished turning up forcing players to move or retreat.

Think about how cool it would be if you could activate enemy AI reinforcements too or event triggers where map could get flooded or scarab spawn that would have AI while acting like king of the hill for the players.


I wouldn’t mind if it returns just some boss fights were awful plus it was pay to win


The odds of this returning is near zero imo. As others have mentioned, it would require a rework of the req system and would semi-compete with btb. There are too many core things that need to be added and a pvevp mode (in the form of warzone) just is not something I see being deemed worthy of the additional work.

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Just say no to warzone… 343 had high hopes for it to be the next big thing but it never really panned out… remember at launch there was no BTB and warzone never really scratched that BTB itch… and with infinite we have BTB 2.0…cautiously optimistic that it tweaks old time BTB to a small extent rather than starting something grandiose and unproven… if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…

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I wouldn’t mind it, but that’s a lot of work. I will miss some of those old weapons, and I had a decent amount of fun in Warzone, but Let’s see what Infinite can do.

It’d be cool to see it back, but it would need a lot of changes in terms of boss fights, req system and more

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If nothing else I hope we get Invasion and Dominion back. Dominion was probably the best mode Halo 4 introduced, and it was basically a balanced version of Warzone built off of Halo’s core “map control” gameplay just on a larger scale.

Invasion allowed players to build multi-phase matches that followed a storyline and mixed multiple objectives into a single mode. Ever since the Custom browser was added to MCC, people have been doing insane things with Invasion like recreating PVP versions of iconic Halo missions, and I’d love to see that continue in Infinite.

Let’s put things into perspective:

Launch: Campaign, Multiplayer. Are we getting Custom Games? Theater? Campaign Theater?

2021: Co-op Campaign, Forge… Custom Game Browser?

After that, I’m thinking ‘third’ mode, and I’d prefer Firefight over Warzone. I’d prefer ODST/Reach-style Firefight. Warzone would compete with BTB, and Firefight would be relatively manageable to make maps out of Campaign areas (e.g. Banished strongholds etc).

(On a separate note, I like Invasion, and was a nice addition… I want it in too, but would prefer Firefight. Loadouts should be an option for Customs, and obviously for Invasion if it goes into Matchmaking. If loadouts are never in Infinite in any capacity, then surely we are regressing.)