Bring back vehicle hud options, please!

I generally mention this every 1-2 years but I am adamant about it! Haha. Anywho;
I, myself, am a huge vehicle player in the halo franchise. Ramming warthogs into areas that they shouldn’t go just for the lolz or as a surprise attack (like a guass hog camping in a one way hallway picking off enemies.) To epic tank battles on legendary in every halo title, even the mobile titles. Spending multiplayer trying to splatter people with the wraith just because I can. Also I spend games spinning in a ghost >.> for those covenant doughnuts. Though I have felt the co-op aspect of vehicles are often neglected or ignored at times. Back in HCE players could see the vehicle health bar, play health bars, and marine health bars. In halo 2/reach we had the covenant warthogs, the specter and revenant, which were nice. In halo 3 we had the hornet and troop hog which were amazing for CTF and messing around with friends in custom games. In halo reach we had the Falcon which encouraged these helicopter movie saves to “oh hey a triple kill.” Halo 4 we finally had a vehicle with shields AND the shields were tied to the HUD, which wasn’t something I knew I wanted until I had the experience of it in btb and spartan ops on legendary.

Now like previous titles I am not saying the vehicle gameplay is “bad” but with halo 5 I would like some old features to return in the halo 5 gameplay and future halo titles.

  1. Bring back Health Bars on the driver’s HUD for Warthogs, Wraiths, Scorpions, and mongooses/gungooses. (Just the bars please I am not asking for the copy paste of the CE segmented health bars)
  2. Vehicles with shields should have the shield tied in manner to the pilot’s HUD. This could be so much as replacing your shield bar with the vehicle shield bar or having a third bar entirely to reflect the shield bar of the vehicle. This would apply to the Mantis, banshee, and wasp vehicles. (Needle hog too)
  3. Bring back vehicle health bars displayed on the pilot’s HUD.

Yes like player shields and vehicle health you can tell just by looking at the models, but NO that information only tells the player only so much. I have had too many times where the bottom 25% of the vehicle is too difficult to identify. In some cases my tank is on fire, cooking marshmallows for all the local marines, and I know the vehicle is about to die; however in some cases I’m at 25% health and my ONI tank survives a rocket shot or is immediately destroyed because I had 1-5% vehicle health left. With vehicles you want to use it for as long as possible and getting your highest value for using the vehicle, so feeling forced to bail out of the vehicle because you are uncertain how much health is left tarnishes the overall value of the vehicle you are in.

i do understand that 343i may never see this XD I am okay with that, but I’ll still try.

I’d be all for vehicle health bars returning. You generally have the visual cues telling you to bail out of vehicle, sparks and flames and what not, but I don’t think I’d mind seeing an actual number display of the health remaining or a health bar to help you understand how much further you can push your vehicle’s limits.

Otherwise, I usually bail a little sooner than later. I can see why some wouldn’t want them to return as well, and some could assume that a health indicator would hold your hand in a way.