Bring back the Yoink Medal!

I’m sick of getting yoinked all the time! Why is there no punishment for this? Or a medal of shame, like in Reach?

Medal of shame? I had fun yoinking people, because I was yoinked.

medal of shame!None of my friends thought of it as a shame at all! They thought it was like the Medal of Honor, lol. And no why should you get rewarded for stealing a kill like a noob!

Why was that medal removed in the first place? Ugh.

You do realise that a yoink medal would only encourage more yoinking, right?

I don’t necessarily agree with bringing back the medal, but there HAS to be a punishment somehow. This is friggin’ ridiculous!

I hate yoink. I will not weep for it.

A yoink gave you credits. It was a reward.