Bring back the veto system

Title. Bring back the choice to vote for or against the next game mode and map. Would be a great addition. That is all.


That would also imply making a return to the pre-game lobby


Veto could come back and the pre-game lobby could still be private. As a low ranked onyx player I feel like I hardly play against the same Spartans ever.

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MCC match composer would be more efficient


I can be on a team and have an excellent game, sometimes close and sometimes not, and I would like the option to stay with the group I am with, and to play against the same opposing team rather than automatically going back to the menu to search for a new team. If I want to opt out and go back to the menu, that’s up to me, and the same with everyone else.
The fact that option isn’t in the game as a choice, to me, means this game is not designed to be social. yes, a veto system would be good, real-time feedback on maps, but come on, they don’t want feedback.


I respectfully disagree.

Because if i have to play recharge 6 times in a row again i don’t know what i’m gonna do!:triumph:

Veto sounds great but I’ve seen other developers talk about it before. Often times it leads to usually the same few maps/modes being chosen repeatedly and players are more likely to quit if they don’t what they want. So it doesn’t solve as much as people think it does.

My only evidence of it working to the delight of the majority of a player base was the original halo 3. Halo 3 is hailed by many to be the best in the series. It was almost THE perfect halo game in terms of matchmaking and rankings.

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