Bring back the Replay when killed

and why would they add an option that will literally change the game like that?

In what way, you can also turn off the sound or change outline colors right, I don’t get your point where it will change the game like you mentioned, it’s almost the same like switching to another player…

how does turning off the sound even relative to this?

I agree with this, at least for Ranked and Tactical Slayer ( SWAT ), this way it’s easier to spot cheaters.

no, to kill cams. But yes, to swivel our cam on death. Why was this taken away?

Halo 4 had this, iirc, it was really useful (when it actually happened). Having it in Infinite would make it easier to spot cheaters. If it gets in the way, just let us use the bumpers to cancel it and return to the normal camera

If you are serious then you should watch theater replay, you’ll likely get more out of it than you ever could a kill cam that literally shows 1 second prior to the enemy shooting you, the 1-2 seconds of fight with the enemy and 1 second post your death.

Since Halo has Theater, you don’t need killcams. If how you were killed was unclear, Theater will give you a much clearer picture than a killcam would.

That’s my point, get it now. It’s possible!