Bring back the Replay when killed

That would be awesome, a short period who killed you before respawn
Or at least an option to switch from player or see replay…


h4 did it no one liked it so no.


That’s why I said as an option, to turn it on or off in the menu or something, just cause you like man, I don’t have to. It’s nice to have a free choice in something right? :rofl:

It’s not good because it lets you see where the player is going next. Bad idea. No one wanted it after H4


You can already see where enemy is going next from your dead body.

@DeeVinity_Gamez - Do you really want to see someone else kill you and repeatedly see their BR reticle NOT on you? Or you want to see yourself die from behind cover? You and an enemy both get hit by the same rocket and only you die even though it hit you square in the middle between the 2 of you. All death cam does is add rage feedback.


I loved it. Kill cam is fun, and super useful for learning where you messed up.

That’s on you for getting mad instead of using it as a learning opportunity.

I think kill cams are fun and useful.

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I don’t think we need kill cams with this game’s TTK.

Plus we already have theater mode in case people want to learn from their mistakes or other player’s pro moves.


Wouldn’t be bad as an option, but they can’t even get theatre mode right so I doubt it’ll work. Personally I’d rather just have what they have now but be able to rotate the camera when spectating.

I didnt like it in H4 because it makes tbagging pointless

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yes…but all you are going to hear is blah blah cod blah blah halo 4 cod blah blah
these are grunts man. ahahahaha
but the option should be there and let people turn it off but then again…they can’t handle that either.

itd proalbly be easier to spot cheaters and aim boters since theater is well lets say theater can make it look like anyone is an aimbot

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Not on me. That’s what the average user thinks of it. That’s been the main take from cod in the past and h4. Few like it, far fewer ever try to learn from it either.

well they are not gonna add this so yeah keep shouting as loud as you want

Ahaha the ignorance. Never said they would. Is this not a forum board? You guys gotta toughen or lighten up…which ever it is.

No thanks, that is what theatre is for.

I don’t care what people did or did not like. In a era where cheating is prevalent in every multiplayer game it’s absolutely necessary.

No, I want to learn from others by seeing, where they stand, how they shoot en the how’s how I died. Learn from your enemy!

so you like 5 or maybe 10 people want this and destroy everyone else experience? I dont disagree for what you said about learning but still. This was first in h4 wasnt recieved well. again in h2a and still no one liked it. this should tell much about this. even if its lets say come here what makes you believe 100% that it will be 100% accurate? cuz it wont be as it wasnt in the two titles. So after seeing the replay many people will come that the person was cheating but in reality he may not

And again…. I said as an option (somewhere in the menu to turn on or off. Player preference). Got it now?