Bring Back the Old Breakout!!!

There has been sooo much hate on the new breakout. I have played it a little and it doesn’t seem like breakout. If anything, it should be called hyper-CTF. The idea of bringing the flag back to your own base is just too easy. Once someone gets the flag, the round is practically over. Its so hard to recover the flag from the opposite side. Again, it should be called hyper-CTF because thats what it is. Breakout is where you bring the flag to the other side’s goal. The flag was supposed to be a secondary objective to prevent stalemates. I don’t think that the shotguns are a good idea either. Sure its easier to survive an outnumbered match, but you just die with one shot. I do think that the extended mag magnum is a nice change, and if that was the only change it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. I am still undecided on the shields. On one hand, they keep me alive longer, but on the other, it seems that they are just annoying. The map redesigns, in my opinion are too big, it allows players to pick off the enemy with pistols before anyone gets close enough to use a shotgun.

What are your opinions on the new breakout?
What do you like, what do you dislike, what would you change if you could?

I have mixed feeling about it, but they do need to do some tweaks with it being so easy to cap flags

There is a thread for your opinions here.

The original idea of having a flag in breakout was a great failsafe option…if the other team is hiding, cap the flag and win instead of searching around for that camper until the round ends. Making it so it’s a flag return changes the game from its intended purpose to essentially a one-round CTF game.

I like the inclusion of shields to prevent being blindsided by random grenade tosses, but perhaps 1/2 shields would have been better to preserve faster flow.

Bring back the original breakout not this crap!!! If it aint broken don’t try to fix it 343!!!