Bring back the old armor color system

Like the thread topic mentions, please bring back the old armor color system. I liked being able to select my own combination of colors for my armor sets, not being forced into premade color sets. Maybe allow both? Like keep the premades for the E-Sports team skins and similar stuff, but give us the option to pick our own color combos.


Taking this to another level: The color choices available out the gate as a free player are absolutely atrocious. Here’s like 7 armor paint jobs (not to mention one set of armor), go nuts!

It’s bonkers to me that something as simple as the color “Red” is locked behind a paywall or progression system. I’ve been able to log into every Halo game to date on Day 1 and slap some bright red armor on from the get-go, and since Halo 3 have had some flexibility in armor choice as well.

IMO, there should be, at minimum, the standard Halo choice to choose a primary color and a single secondary. You wanna do these paintjobs that add a third or fourth color or pattern, or splash different colors on different parts of armor? Go ahead! But there should be a basic floor with a wider range of color options out the gate, like every other Halo game to date.


I agree I love being able to choose my colors. And with the colors I have seen people could make awesome looking spartans if they could choose their colors.

Coatings should just be patterns, and colors should all be unlocked by default to customize said patterns with.

Don’t gut a BASIC feature that Halo has had for 20 years, sell it back to us in a less customizable form, and pretend like we won’t notice.

Don’t know who thought this was a good system, but they should be gone.


Agreed, colour customization has been staple feature of Halo MP for over 20 years, if 343 think they can get it for a quick buck, their gonna get a real nasty surprise from the playerbase.