Bring back the OG Halo 1 & 5 Magnum As A Special Weapon

So at first I did not like the new sidekick pistol AT ALL, I actually made a post about it that got quite a lot of interaction. It was pretty divided. Since then I have played with it some more and decided that it’s fine. Its functional and practical, but it’s also boring. It’s just like every other sidearm in FPS history. There is nothing really that special or unique about it, to just looks like a glock or something and Halo is supposed to take place five hundred years in the future, why would they still be using Glocks? lol. When I think of Halo one of the first things that comes to mind HAS to be the powerful Magnum with the scope. I would be very disappointed if it were not in Halo Infinite at all and I don’t think I am alone in that. I understand that many players were upset with Halo 5 because the pistol was too OP and the game became all about using the pistol. So I have a suggestion that I think we could all agree on. Keep the current sidekick as the loadout sidearm and add the OG Magnum as a special weapon that can be found and picked up on the maps. Use it to replace the pulse carbine if you want to, nobody likes that thing lol. This would make everyone happy I think. Thanks for reading.

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