bring back the halo 3 lobbys in halo 5

who else thinks they need to bring back the halo 3 lobbies where you could talk to your party and other players in the lobby instead of having to wait till the game starts or be in a party cause in my eyes that’s why no one uses mics anymore is because they ar now limited in the halo lobbies so who else agrees lets get them to bring back the lobbies the way they are ment to be


Yes!!! Been saying this since I started halo5 multi. I hope 343 considers it!!

I absolutely agree and I’d also like a quick ‘party-up’ option like from Halo 3.
(Also, more damn maps(that don’t suck and feel like forgettable cookie-cutter sections from a campaign level) and maybe just do proper remakes of most of the Halo 3 maps kthanksbye)

On a side note, I think it is completely absurd that 343i still needs to add necessary features like this that was in Halo 3 NINE years ago!!! fml

Exactly! The quick party up option was huge because it kept players playing together and more involved in social gaming!!! 8 years ago I would play halo 3 multiplayer all night long and finally sleep around 6 am. I still go over there now and then but hardly anyone plays it now. 343 needs to listen!