bring back the goose

i was never a good halo player but i loved its dynamics and the way you could manipulate aspects to play your own way in a world of run and gunners. check out some of the ways we used to use vehicles for fast asaults… 343 i hope you have the goose in the next game… it has been a long time since i have seen anything fresh… halo 2 had special jumps to give awsome sniping positions and you used to be able to use the landscape more… the halo games went wrong when they stopped special jumps, the ability to climb rock faces and find cool places to gain an advantage… this video is some fun on the goose… check it out… me and some friends, when gaming was not a gimic to make money but an exploration of new ways to beat the apponent… - YouTube

heres a link to some of our fun on the goose - YouTube

Haha that was great. But no Reach clips?