Bring back the Flood and Halo 3 Designs!

The Flood is the whole reason the Halo Rings exist, the reason the forerunners went to war, so why did Halo 4 get rid of the Flood? Everyone was expecting Halo 5 to have some Flood in it, but alas, that was not so. Can we have the Flood back in Halo 6? I mean the Halo 3 style Flood, where they were a menacing and terrifying enemy. I need the Flood levels back, like Halo 3’s Floodgate of Cortana missions. Halo 4 took a weird turn and made Halo into a kid friendly, almost cartoonish Halo. In general, Halo 3 is what Halo 6 should live up to.

No leave the flood with bungie, I don’t know why everyone wants them back its like a relationship you know is going to end bad, break it off before it get to that bad

Halo 3 had the easiest Campaign ever, and the Flood was a major reason for it.

Everything went down from a headshot, bring extra BR, clear both Floodgate and Cortana with little effort.