Bring back the Engineer

Ever since its inclusion in Halo 3 ODST, it quickly became one of my favorite enemies to fight and add a level of challenge when you were being swarmed with enemies. In Halo Reach however thy lost part of that challenge and to top it off they were rarely seen. I hope that if the Engineer makes a return, its more of the ODSTs version than the Reach one, heck I would even like to see other variants like one that can actually shot you or ones that can repair enemies vehicles and armor. I just dont want to see this character get dropped nor do I want it to be butchered like it was in Reach.

I do miss my squishy friends…

I was initially going to disagree with your idea, but recalling my knowledge of the Huragoks’ creation by the Forerunner’s it would actually make sense for them to return in some degree, possibly aiding the Prometheans instead. But if 343i left them out, I honestly wouldn’t bring up a fuss.

I don’t mind them return, but I didn’t feel like they were too great of an enemy.