Bring back the classics

If anybody at 343 could possibly take the time to read this I would appreciate it if you could fulfill a simple request. I have been playing halo reach for awhile now and I miss the old maps. If at all possible could you bring back regular maps like sword base, pinnacle, or the original the cage instead of uncaged or the other version I would be happy. It was more fun playing on the originals over the newer variants. Thank you for sitting through this message and please consider my request.

What? I play Sword Base like 3 or 4 times a day. Pinnacle shows up from time to time, too.

They were changed because they were bad and hated by the community, they ain’t coming back.

-The Cage and Pinnacle are both terribly made maps that don’t deserve to be in MM at all
-Uncaged is just as bad as The Cage
-Swordbase is also a terribly made map that doesn’t deserve to be in MM at all, but is still in and is frequently made an option for voting

I’d also contend that most of the “classics” are terrible maps compared to the Forged community maps to the point where they don’t deserve the time of day. Only Arena Zealot, Asylum, Powerhouse, and Countdown are worth having in the game, and Asylum and Countdown need a few changes to work properly (structure changes for Asylum and weapon layout changes for Countdown).

Sword Base is a terrible map and should be purged from Match Making.

> Sword Base is a terrible map and should be purged from Match Making.

I thought this was a poll on bringing back the Classic Playlist… such a dissapointment 343 was removing it

> Sword base is the best map ever made!

Now THAT’s better.

I enjoyed them.
At least put them in Anniversary Slayer.

In my experience, at least in the Team Slayer playlist, Sword Base is voted for almost every time it comes up. Pinnacle and Uncaged also seem to be popular choices as well.