Bring Back the carnage report

Before I start yes I know there is a carnage report after the match. However it;s missing some pretty basic stuff, which feels like it forces you to visit Halowaypoint. Anyway I think it needs to add these things:

  • Tool of destruction come on we miss this - KD spread and get rid of KDA it’s not even accurate most of the time - Medals this is a big miss you can’t check what medals you earned or what some of them mean. This is making us visit Halowaypoint just to learn what medal I got and why. There’s no need for that just keep this in game. - Lastly longest spree needs to be in the carnage report.What do you guys think? Has 343 really messed up the carnage report, sure they added some good stuff but taken away classic basics such as medal count is just poor in my opinion.