Bring Back The Bubble Shield

The Bubble Shield needs to see a return. The Bubble Shield would be very useful to see in both Casual and Competitive Play.

In my opinion, the Deployable Cover / Drop Wall is not a good direct replacement for the iconic Bubble Shield.

From a Casual Standpoint, you can use it in many situations when overwhelmed in Big Team Battle or LSS when being attacked by multiple enemies from multiple sides.

From a Ranked / HCS Standpoint, it can be very useful in modes such as KOTH, Oddball, and Strongholds. For these game modes at least, I think the Bubble Shield would be very useful and fought over as if it were a power item since it can be so useful in protecting players.

While the Dropwall may be useful in terms of stopping a few grenades, in many cases it isn’t really useful to try to protect yourself against multiple enemies or against heavy fire. Something that the Bubble Shield can achieve to do, but the counter is not being able to shoot through it like the Dropwall.


Given how forge is looking, I’d say it’s likely someone will create some variant of the bubble shield, iv’e been fine with drop shield as it makes it more strategic rather than just plonking a bubble shield down in the middle of a hill.

For example in matches when it’s either over shield or invisibility power up, if there was actually a variant of drop shield could do the same, some matches it’s a wall, others a bubble shield with same defensive capabilities that sections can be shot out, it could be good.


I love the bubble shield.

Miss it heaps.

I can see how it was bad for game flow though. :frowning:

Hopefully we see it make a comeback for Forge / customs at some stage.

Not sure how you would script it? You could certainly use the custom equipment pick up to trigger a zone to spawn on the Spartan’s position. You could then use the enter and exit zone events to grant damage immunity to anyone in the zone.

But there are no domed zones. Only boxes and cylinders. There would be no way to script damage to the zone itself.

You could probably weld some two way barriers together into an enclosure and have that take damage until it’s destroyed?

But, there are some very clever people out there…

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The Bubble Shield would be a pain in the neck during objective matches lol

I think it could work though, maybe allow Shock grenades/weapons to EMP the shield momentarily. Or maybe Sniper or Skewer are the only weapons that can punch through(if the Bubble Shield is indestructible).

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I doubt the bubble shield would get use in HCS given that it was removed outright from MLG H3. Not unlike armor lock it has a tendency to pause the flow of gameplay which makes for some frustrating gameplay.

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I agree, it isn’t a good replacement, because it isn’t meant to be. It serves a different role.

That’s what the overshield already does. I would rather not give out more equipment that allows players to make poor decisions and then hit the pause button while they plan their retreat.

If by useful you mean overpowered.

I think the sandbox plays great without the bubble shield.

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Sad… but true.

I’m still going to miss it…

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I have to say, I disagree. The Bubble Shield would be a great addition to Infinite. With how dominant long/medium range weapons are; on our massive BTB maps it makes aggressive pushes very difficult.

Take the lift side of Breaker, going over the top makes you vulnerable to however many camping snipers are on either side. The Bubble Shield would help serve as a counter to one of the bigger issues plaguing Infinite and that is the high speed of the game and it’s TTK at times.

Honestly I’d love to see the Bubble Shield return, it required skill to use well in Halo 3. Bring back the Bubble Shield & Halo 3 shotgun as a pair.

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Maybe the bubble shield that has a shield strength of a drop wall. You can your sphere back, but it still works like a dropwall.

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Honestly, just combine the attributes of the Bubble Shield with the attributes of the Drop Wall.

  • 360 degree protection
  • Can be destroyed in chunks
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The Overshield is practically useless when getting beamed on from multiple enemies from multiple sides. An overshield is really only useful when fighting 2 spartans at once at best. 3 or more and you are practically done for if they all shoot BRs or ARs from multiple sides.

You say this would allow people to make “poor decisions” but the thing is, a bubble shield would serve as a power item similar to the Overshield and Active Camo, because of it’s benefits of protection in specific situations.

Even if you want to assume it would be OP in objective modes like KOTH and Strongholds, there are also ways you could make it so you could counter a bubble shield. Heck you can probably make it so a grapple could essentially pop a bubble if you wanted to.

Regardless, I think having a bubble shield inside the sandbox would do more good than harm based on how it played in past Halo’s.

The only issue I’d have with this is the dropwall damage is pretty weak. It breaks very easily from the BR and Grenades (even after including the buffed damage and time), and even making it into a dome shape to cover more ground still means all you really do is protect yourself for maybe 1 BR burst or one grenade on all sides.

100% the Bubble Shield as an equipment item wouldn’t fit every map (or game mode), but I do think there are a lot of situations in maps / game mode combinations where it could exist and be very useful and cause intense battles to win the item like it was active camo.

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Thats the point. Having a one sided powerful shield is breaking combat flow. The thing about the drop wall shield, is that its a fixed health. It can take one BR shot, but it can take two explosives. Meaning one BR should can take it out, but it can tank a full rocket shot too. Its not meant to be a “hold the line!” shield. Its meant to act as an emergency to counter the enemy’s next action, not for an extended duration.

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I like the idea of the bubble shield and other items, but a bubble shield would dramatically slow the pace down of the game. Being able to safely camp inside the bubble shield inside the hill doesn’t seem balanced in the slightest to me.

Very well put fellow Spartan. The drop wall is a great “in the moment combat item” but when it goes it goes and it’s done.

In reality it only helps you against rockets, grenades, and a sniper like weapon. But at least in Ranked, LSS, and BTB I still find it very weak in most situations.

Either way, I still feel a bubble shield (whether or not it is used competitively) has a place in this game.

It would probably be OP and boring to play for in KOTH, but I still think using it in something like Strongholds where there is 3 zones, Slayer, LSS, etc.

I don’t think slowing down the game a little bit would necessarily be a bad thing in Infinite since it is faster paced than older Halo’s, but it is put onto maps where it makes sense to slow the game down (fast paced maps).

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Why I think thats its best purpose, to take the power of a sniper or the hailing of grenades. But I understand why you don’t find it relevant in a ranked match. Though, its not like people pick up most things in ranked anyways unless its really situational.

You make good points and I could see it working in specific situations or games. Especially BTB being 12v12.