Bring back the Brutes!

I had the best time in any halo campaign fighting brutes and fighting along side the elites. It pains me to have to keep fighting elites not just because i like them, but because i dont think theyre as fun to fight as the brutes were (plus we got the hammer, brute shot, and chopper out of them). In my opinion i kinda feel like 343 screwed the pooch when they put you up against elites again in halo 4, but it seems kinda too late for a brute comeback seeing that fighting covenant seems more and more meaningless as the story continues. If anyone has any thoughts i would love to hear them, good or bad. Oh, and bring the hornet back too already, sheesh.

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while i like halo wars, and halo wars 2 is a likely buy for me, this hardly has anything to do with what ive written UNLESS halo wars 2 takes place concurrently with where the main story is now, hinting that brutes may be in halo 6