Bring Back Sword Block to Counter Sword Users

There’s no way to counter a sword up close unless you have a gravity hammer or Rocket and it’s annoying especially since the Bulldog the supposed to be Close Quarters Weapon but it takes two shots to kill because it can’t one shot a sword user up close which makes the sword op guys need to implement a way to counter the sword because it’s annoying unloading a full AR Magazine into a player using a sword and they dash you every time there needs to be some kind of counterattack against the sword and that’s sword block it’s 100% fair counterattack and needs to make a return the sword should not dominate the battlefield on tight quarters maps almost every match of slayer or fiesta seems to be dominated by sword users it makes the game annoying to play every time. Either buff the Bulldog or add sword block that is all


Repulsor is a effective counter. It gives you that extra time you need to get the last shots in to kill the sword carrier.

Another one as you mentioned is countering it with a hammer or sword.

The best way ofcourse is just not go into closed spaces so that they can’t close to you.

Bulldog buffing is bad, because sure you have a counter to the sword, but then you have no counter to the bulldog that is even stronger then the sword. THAT would be game breaking, especially since the bulldog is not a power weapon. We keep forgetting how the shotgun was a problem in the previous games.

And also not forget that the sword is a powerweapon, so it should be hard to counter. Just like the rocket launcher is hard to counter. You say you can’t counter a sword with a AR, well: you can’t do that with the rocket either. For a good reason: they are powerweapons and are supposed to be way stronger then a regular weapon (especially starter weapons).


9/10 you aren’t equipped with repulser so no try again