Bring back Sargent Johnson, Jorge, Noble 6 and Carter

If they can bring Cortana back poorly, they can at least give this badass amoung badasses a proper return! And why not Jorge, Carter and Noble 6 fighting with the chief?! Makes Blue Team worthless. Noble 6 like Reach would be your multiplayer avatar.

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Um they died? Specifically a human death that they can’t be brought back from cause they aren’t stored as data on a chip somewhere?


I’m sure there’s some Forerunner gizmo that brings back the dead :grimacing:


But I mean what’s the statute of limitations on that? If anything they could possibly and I mean POSSIBLY bring back noble 6 but even with halo 4 and the didact turning people into data that was well after those characters died

I don’t know. I’m mostly just joking at the fact that 343 has made Forerunner tech so crazy over the last few years.


You aren’t wrong lol they definitely blurred the line and based on the campaign ending and legendary ending it sounds like 343 is going in the direction of possible time travel?


I think we found your answer!


Ha ding ding :bellhop_bell: we got a winner, do I get a cookie?

If they go time travel it’s going to muddy the waters of halos entire plot


Here you go champ :cookie:

"Well, you see, because of the Zeta Halo Temporal Array, Master Chief was able to go back to the year 2552 and remove his younger self from cryostasis and replace the then obsolete Mk. VI armor with the GEN 3. As for the Forward Unto Dawn…

Nanomachines son."


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They are back!

Just play as SgtMaj Johnson in Halo Wars 2 multiplayer and equip your Spartan in Halo Infinite with the right Armor Kit on the Mark V Bravo core.

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They’re dead, their deaths would mean nothing if they were brought back the only reason Cortana was brough back is because 343 doesn’t have any talented writers compared to Bungie.


they are literally all dead this is bait

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343 should leave these great men resting. There’s no reason to ruin their characters

and you’re saying they wont also bring back the other supposedly dead characters for the same reason?
i mean come on, if disney can revive palpatine and make the effores or luke and anikin meaningless… then 343 is fully capable and talentless to bring back noble team, johnson, etc… i mean, they did also bring back 343 spark, so it would be 0 surprise

and look where the sequels are now: The hate list of every Star Wars fan.


Might as well bring back the Gravemind.


Try not to speak for all of us.

uh its a collection of mids so its no that hard. Besides zeta halo already has multiple proto-graveminds

But it’s not the same Gravemind as the one we killed when blowing up the half-finished Halo.

It is, think of a gravemind like a Cloud Drive. The Gravemind we see in Halo 2 and 3 has the same knowledge and information as the Gravemind and Keyminds during the Foreunner Flood War

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