Bring back ricochet from halo 4

I dont know about you guys, but i surely miss playing ricochet from halo 4. It was very competitive and loads fun just tossing the ball back and forth with your teammates until you get close enough to goal so you throw it and just when you think you made a goal the enemy intercepts it.

Would be a nice thing to stick in Action Sack. Along with Dominions, it was one of the few things about Halo 4’s MP I really enjoyed.

Ric was fantastic, yes. The multi experience in H4 was much more fun and enjoyable for me.

they should’ve added it with the superbowl 51

I remember on H4 when they had it that Super Bowl night the first time. I played for hours, it was quite the laugh.

You cam kinda remake it with the grifball gametype, or the minigame one of those but it can be done

The Ricochet armor should make a return, too.

Ricochet, extraction, dominion and Regicide were such great gamemodes in Halo 4.