Bring back REQ Packs? Thoughts?

I totally get where your coming from but the difference between the Microtransactions seen in Halo Infinite vs the Req Card System of Halo 5 is simply the fact that in Halo Infinite what you see there for purchase is exactly what you get, to where as the Req Card system of Halo 5 operated like a random loot Generating Lottery Machine of Madness to where no matter how many Req Cards you gained or spent for you never actually got the one item you truly wanted unless you continuously purchased multiple packs with either game or real currency but in the end it’s still random Gambling unlike solid Microtransactions where the item seen is exactly what you get.


No. That is the thing I hated THE most in Guardians. RNG based unlocks bring no satisfaction ,no reason to play especially considering you had say 100 armours, but only cared about 5-10 that looked good. I much liked the old style, a combination of achievements with ingame challenges to unlock them.Gives you a reason to grind for that set, i specifically remember being so interested in Halo 3,on the how to get Hayabusa set, or that amazing but difficult Recon set. The vidmaster challenges were difficult but so much FUN, which games should be. Lootboxes in all shapes and forms can go burn in hell.


Hmm no not really, a huge part of what turned me off of H5’s multiplayer was the req pack system. That and I would prefer it if the gambling (well, the whole loot box system) stayed in casinos.

I think we can compromise and add the REQ pack system as an addition, similar to apex currently
Giving players the chance to earn gear and cosmetics without plunging money into the battle pass. The seasonal cosmetics can stay exclusive to keep their incentive. But as it stands, we need more options to claw our way.

God. No. Dude bad idea. Please no. It destroyed h5’s customization by more is better right? And the money and random rolls for temporary guns was a joke

I want to play a game because it is (suppose to be) entertaining. Not chase every monetized piece of fashion look.

Yes, I would still quit.

I don’t want to be randomly chosen to unlock an item, I want to EARN it. Armor is supposed to mean skill, or accomplishment. If a noob could get the same armor that a pro could get through a randomized system, how exactly is the armor special?

If you give everyone a trophy, how is the winner’s trophy special? A trophy is a sign of accomplishment, you weren’t randomly selected to get it. Armor and unlocks should be the same.

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Yea I hard agree. I only think reqs are “decent” because of csgos randomly selected crates. But i do hate RNG prgression. Csgo also did best players get crates system which is slightly better… I agree though, I can’t really think of any good reason a req should be back THE ONLY WAY they could come back with open arms, is if they are used just as an animation for buying stuff in the store lol

No, the req system was horrible. Just because the BP isnt in the best place right now doesn’t mean we need to regress to horrible RNG based req system.