Bring Back (Reach Style) Campaign Commendations

Basically, in Halo Reach, one of the reasons it was fun to replay the campaign was commendations. Playing on Normal or above (except for the “Flawless Cowboy” commendation, which require Heroic or above) gave you challenges you could progress on. Unlike in Halo 4, where the only campaign commendations were completing a mission on Legendary.

Oh no those commendations were too boring in campaign at least. You didn’t even get cool rewards from those. One good example:
Demon (Complete a mission of the Reach Campaign) Onyx rank required 270 missions completed and what did you get from it? 400 credits hahahahaah!! I’m up for the same idea of commendations but implemented a lot better.

Campaign could definitely use more commendations but definitely with much toned down from that grindfest of a Reach commendations. The commendations should be achievable while the game is still relevant and without the game itself becoming monotonous grind.

I really enjoyed the Reach campaign commendations: perhaps they were slightly too grindy for the very top level ones, but they, combined with the achievements and daily challenges, gave you a reason to return to the campaign which is always welcome in my book