Bring back ranked Lone Wolves

There are tons of people playing Halo 3 FFA. So many, that I meet new people ever gamy! I know everyone would be so happy to have Ranked H3 FFA Back!!!

A lot of these threads have been going up recently. I would like nothing more to have ranked ffa, was almost the only thing I played in OG H3. But this close to Infinite and with a healthy population in social I see no reason to have it in ranked to divide the ffa population. And apperently there was ranked ffa earlier and it was removed due to low population.

Well said. I just don’t see how it could hurt them to add it. I’m sure it’s population is more than doubles because it was always the highest population in OG H3 besides team slayer. As a matter of fact it still is checked yesterday on the old 360.

I just don’t like how halo has become tailored to COD type gameplay with everything after H3.

I’d like it back, I wouldn’t have to play Halo 5 FFA