Bring back previous seasonal challenges now

I just want to get the gold wepons for h3 and ce

The rewards from previous challenges are going to show up in the exchange, so I highly doubt the old seasonal challenges will show up. They’re called seasonal challenges for a reason. At the very least, you’ll still be able to unlock the rewards

Ok thanks so much………….

How often do old seasonal rewards show up?

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it’s hard to say. 343 has been prioritizing new content in the exchange so it was introduced. but since the 20th anniversary is theoretically the last major content drop as far as customization goes, old seasonal challenge rewards should start showing up on a more weekly basis

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Cool, I missed a few so that’ll be good to get. I earned the Pixel BR for H4, but it glitched somehow. Even though I had the challenges all done for the season, that one didn’t unlock. Still locked to this day for me. I opened a case for it with support and everything. So if I can grab it in the exchange that would solve that problem for me.

343 have stated MCC will be getting more content updates throughout 2022. And with the way Infinite is going we may get lucky and get a MCC 2023 announcement at some point as well.


i really hope we continue to get more content. at the same time, though, i want opportunities to claim old items as well

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Honestly 343 should just make it so stuff cycles into the exchange but doesn’t cycle out. Either that or give us a season 9 and 10 like they originally promised.

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I think 343 should add in a challenge to win 50 games or something for the ranked skins. I wouldn’t mind seeing the other content come back through the exchange.

343 has said there will be more updates in 2022 but they haven’t really clarified on how they will be delivered and for how much longer they will support MCC. Maybe we will see smaller updates and fixes every other month for example.

343 made sure to specify there would be cosmetic updates throughout 2022. So we know we have at least 2 or 3 more updates. But considering how people are now starting to wake up to how bad Infinite is, 343 may have to keep updating MCC until Infinite is in a properly presentable state.

As for the ranked skins, the old ones are all gonna show up in the exchange, today is the proof of that statement. Just unlocked Sword and Board earlier today.

What they should do is make an item shop for all exchange items for season points with all items every week