Bring Back Orion!

I really enjoyed that map. Can 343i please just remove the Damage Boost platform and re-insert the map into matchmaking?

I did like that map. I know a bunch of people didn’t but it had some fun control points that made fun encounters for me.

I almost never dislike a map. I have some that I prefer, but I never mind the others. Personally Orion was the one map I actually legitimately disliked since Halo 3’s “The Pit” before they fixed the spawns, (after the first couple months they fixed it and it was fine). But that’s just me. I was so happy to hear it was out of the rotation to be honest.

Orion was complete garbage. They had a Sniper up in a rocky area that was only accessible by one route, unless you got luck and Clambered on a random ledge of the rocky outcropping. It had a pointless Damage Boost positioned in a way that encouraged suicides. It had two overpowered areas with a bunch of useless space in between.

I liked it too. Has anything ever been said about it returning?

In the end of the last stream when they showed the teaser of February update, they said that a map might return. So…

Orion was pretty good to me as well. would love to see it go back in rotation

I only played it in FFA, and I enjoyed the time I had on it. Didn’t realise it was removed.

Orion with Swatnums was pretty horrific, but I did have a good time playing it on team slayer, sniping was nice on that map.

Map was a bit one sided. The one team’s base was a power position where teams of 4 could easily holdout and get kills

No they should just delete it completely and make a new dev map as a replacement.

Loved orion. And I loved the platform on top where the boost was.
I think it needs to come back in the game at least for team arena and Team Slayer playlists. Idk about swat

Why did they ever remove it? It’s still in custom games.

Orion was the one map I always seemed to do extremely well on. I was disappointed when I noticed it wasn’t showing up in matches anymore.

Would love to see Orion return. Had some fun encounters on that map & was sad to see it go.

Orion was terrible they was just very little areas you could use besides the two bases and both can be easily locked down and with too much grey matter lower ground there was no way to successful navigate without danger or ground pounds so it was boring

It was kind of a mess. I would like for them to fix it though.

Bring it back! Put walls up like Pegasus to stop the exploit and put it back in rotation. You’ve already map it so it’ll seem like a easy treat to the Christmas kiddies. I personally thought the map was great and allowed for hold positions which I know some people think is a sin but I think it allows for more competitive play.

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> Why did they ever remove it? It’s still in custom games.

You could ground pound out of the map and touting a snip snap you could go way out and wreck. Unfortunately I never got to do so myself.