Bring back original halo 3 rank skill, rank name

The original halo was probably had one of the best match making which I miss. 343 should show how many peoples are online and how many people are in each match making like they use too. They should also add a rank play list like bungie did such as lone wolf’s number ranked skill along with rank name for also 2 vs 2 ranked team battle 4 vs 4 and big team battle 6 vs 6. Then have social skirmish unranked by still get rank name with expiercne points with the modes rumble pit 8 player solo social team slayer 5 v 5 big team battle 8 vs 8. Infection action sack. Grift ball rockets only shorty snipers. Also a veto system and party up system.

Hey OP - if you’re talking about this for Halo 5 I’m afraid stuff like this is out of scope for the game at this point. If you’re asking for future Halo games, feel free to use the existing wishlist threads in the Halo Infinite forums.

Worth noting that under the hood, Halo 5 uses the same systems as Halo 3 for skill ranking