Bring back old BTB! Fix this Gamemode!

Issues that need fixed with BTB!

  • These maps we got have to much cover. Needs to be more open that’s how BTB is makes it great and different from slayer!

  • Needs classic Vehicle Spawns not this thing where it drops vehicles in every few minutes! It is also very confusing and aggravating that I can’t just hop into a wrath or scorpion or some areal vehicle at the start of a match.

  • The Worthogs Gunner UI is so small please enlarge it to match the Machine Gun Turrents!

  • Change the Announcer to Jeff’s! This new female voice is so annoying!

  • Call out Medals in BTB Double Kill, Triple Kill, Etc! (In Jeff’s Voice Though)

  • Only Two Maps made it in? Come on 343 with the lack of BTB in Halo 5 I thought Halo 6 would of made up for it!

  • We need BR Starts for BTB not AR…

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