Bring back map voting (and BR start)

I hate that every playlist is ar/pistol start (beside btb and warzone)… It BS.

They should bring back the map voting system so we can choose between 3 maps like the older games had.

I feel like some of the playlists (arena, social) we should be able to vote between pistol and BR start… Its lame that every playlist is automatically pistol start…

No and No. Voting means some maps don’t get played, and so if you are one of the people who doesn’t like one of the more popular maps (I ended up hating ragnarok because it always came up) you’re screwed. The Halo 3 Veto system worked way better, if you didn’t like something you could get something else, but this ensured that all maps got played, and was a better way to tell the developers which maps aren’t enjoyable. Br starts are unnecessary. I don’t have much else to say about that.

i agree

Voting no, that means you end up playing the same map over and over. I’d be fine with a veto added in though, like H3. and I wouldn’t mind having a BR/AR start thrown into the mix alongside Magnum/AR

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-Yoink- map voting! If I wanted to play the same map over and over I’d play custom games. I love the BR too (aside from the gay reflex sight) but I don’t think they should always be starting weapons. Learning where they spawn and knowing the maps makes you a better player and gives you the edge.

Or you could learn how to use the magnum.

You’re starting with a mini-DMR in your pocket. I suggest using that until you can pick up one of the BR/DMRs on the map.